Small business health insurance in Massachusetts

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The small business owners in Massachusetts know the benefits of providing insurance to their employees. The businesses’ health insurance secures their employees. Are you having trouble searching for health insurance for your business in Massachusetts? We cover the requirements that you need to prepare for your application. There are also plans available that you can choose from, considering your eligibility for your small business.

What is Small Business Health Insurance Massachusetts

The highest number of insured people live in Massachusetts. Ninety-seven percent of Massachusetts residents have health insurance. Health insurance companies provide coverage for employees. As the number increases, health insurance for small businesses becomes more affordable. There are two main categories of small business health insurance options: individual health insurance and group health insurance.

Individual Health Insurance. Health insurance plans for individuals also cover their families. With individual health insurance, anyone can apply. The small business owner needs to meet the least contribution requirements for group coverage. If not, they buy individual plans and insurance companies cannot decline people applying for health insurance coverage, regardless of the employee’s pre-existing medical condition. There are also special tax incentives for employees. It attracts businesses to buy individual health protection. If you are self-employed, you can have a reduction in the cost of your monthly premiums. The small businesses that take the route of individual health insurance are making the right decision because they can use this plan to reimburse the tax of the employee’s individual premiums.

Group Health Insurance. An employer-sponsored health insurance plan is where the employer and employees share the cost of the contribution. This insurance can extend to employee’s dependents. In Massachusetts, you can qualify for group health insurance plans even you are self-employed.

What are the Four Kinds of Massachusetts Small Business Health Insurance Plans

If you are searching for individual health insurance or group health insurance. There are available options that you can select for your health plans. Knowing the different plans, will make it easier for you to choose the best coverage that suits your small business.

The type of plan that covers all your health needs depends on what you and the company wants. Another thing to consider is the cost of insurance coverage. Here are the four types of health insurance plans:

PPO Health Insurance Plans. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization coverage. It is the most common plan that businesses have. With the PPO plan, you get your medical care from the preferred providers that the insurance company lists. With this, they will pay your medical cost at the highest level.

HMO Health Insurance Plans. HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. The HMO plans offer a variety of health care services with its exclusive network of providers. The employees with the HMO plan will choose their own primary care physician. Their physician will assist health care needs.

HSA-Qualified Health Insurance Plans. It is a PPO plan that offers a Health Saving Account (HSA). This plan allows participants to save money through a special bank account. It is a pre-tax plan that you can use for your medical expenses in the future.

Indemnity Health Insurance Plans. Indemnity plans allow the employees to direct their health care providers. They can visit the doctor and a hospital of their choice. And the Indemnity health insurance providers will pay a part of the total medical chargers. In this plan, the employee needs to pay some services ahead. But, they can keep their receipts and apply for reimbursement.

What are the Requirements to Qualify for Small Business Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Health Insurance for small businesses in Massachusetts is open to all as long as you meet the following requirements

  • Group Plans. This plan has a six months look-back period and a one-year exclusionary period. The group plan covers the pre-existing medical conditions of the employee. The good thing about the plan covers your medical conditions. In this plan, you need to have two to 50 full-time employees. An eligible employee must work a minimum of 30 hours a week.
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health insurance requirements

Individual Plans. This insurance has a variety of coverage. It depends on the medical needs of the employee. In this plan, they give 60 months as the maximum look-back period. In your pre-existing health condition, they offer one year as a maximum exclusion period. If you meet the requirements, you can qualify for an insurance plan.

What are the Things I Need to Consider in Choosing Massachusetts Health Insurance

Massachusetts Health Insurance is the leader in providing quality and affordable health care. They focus on honing their policy and improving their track record. Massachusetts has the lowest individual medical insurance premiums. It is a health insurance businesses can afford. To help you decide among the Massachusetts small business health plans, here are the tips that you can consider.

The flexibility of Choice. The health insurance for employers caters to the company’s needs. Health insurance companies for small businesses in Massachusetts have the freedom to allow their employees to choose a plan that works for their needs. Employees can pick a plan with their preferred benefits and premium.

Competition leads to Lower Premiums. As the competition for small business insurance in Massachusetts is increasing. You can choose affordable plans. Check the information that the insurance company offers.

Additional Savings Available. Check if your Massachusetts health plan provides extra savings to employees. In your medical needs, some companies give you financial assistance. It would be best to know the benefits before applying.


In Massachusetts, companies continue to build reliable health insurance coverage. Small businesses look for a plan that can cater to the needs of their company and employees. It is also beneficial to employers. As they search for potential employees, they give health insurance plans to attract them. It has become an element that increases the productivity of employees in Massachusetts.

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