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Are you aware that you could be reimbursed for keeping the U.S. competitive?
The research and development tax credit (R&D tax credit) is one of the most important domestic tax credits that remain under current tax law. It is a significant tool for maximizing its cash flow and bottom line.

The R&D tax credit is a permanent federal and state tax incentive that encourages innovation, technical design, product development, and enhancement. It keeps the U.S. at the forefront of innovation. These tax credits also reimburse companies for developing new products, processes or inventions and provide a substantial percentage back to the company’s qualified research activities.

The research and development tax incentive is, above all, a way for companies to save taxes, increase cash flow, stay competitive, and, more importantly, it allows them to reduce their tax burden. Many activities that qualify are part of day-to-day business operations across many industries, and however, companies don’t realize they are eligible for the credit.

The R&D credit can be a quick and hidden source of cash from previous years, and it can also significantly reduce your federal and state tax liabilities for the current and future years.

Tax Credits Consultants
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How do I get started with the R&D Tax Credit Process?

We recommend that you first go to the source to examine the criteria used by the IRS to determine R&D tax credit. This is the Audit Techniques Guide Credit for Increasing Research Activities. IRC SS 41* – Qualified Research Activity.
You can also determine whether you are eligible for IRS research and development credits by looking at how your activities match this four-part test.
Documentation is also important. Your application should emphasize project accounting and time tracking. Define each phase and who was responsible for it. How many hours did they work?
Do not just mention a 150-hour employee in your task accounting. Also, she mentioned that she spent the time reviewing building systems and solving site problems while doing design development.
You should keep your notes short and simple and keep track of the exact phases of each project. To comply with IRS terminology, you might also want to rephrase some phases of your project. Take, for example

You should break down your project phases in your contracts. To describe each phase in which research is being done, you should use “research” in your contract. In the contract, you can also say that research as defined by I. R.C. Sec. 41 in phases X.Y., y, and z. In your contracts, indicate that the xxx refers to the business component sold to the client according to Sec. 41.
Break the project into phases in your timekeeping system. How can you better align your phase names with R&D tax credit criteria? Not all phases are helpful. It’s fine to use these terms, but it’s more beneficial to use words that indicate a scientific method of experimentation or method.Bid/proposal and Hypothesis

Concept and admin Alternatives for testing and schematic design
Iterate and terms of that nature
These categories can be placed under the overall phase “develop business component”, even if you have only stated “business component” at your top.
In the contract, indicate that you agree that research not funded by I. R.C. is not a topic of funded research. Sec. 41. It is possible to state that both the taxpayer and the taxpayer have agreed that they will bear the financial risk of nonpayment. This agreement would also be a valid I. R.C. Sec. 41. Say the opposite if the taxpayer is the one paying for the research.

Tax Credits Consultants
When does the Payroll-Tax offset take effect?

The IRS must provide more clarity and guidance regarding its criteria for R&D credit qualification. Engineered Tax Services (ETS), which currently supports lobbying efforts, is working to encourage this remediation.
If you are using a specialist tax consulting firm like ETS, discuss the revisions and how proactive time tracking can help you build your case and defend yourself under audit.
How to choose the right R&D consultant
It can be hard to choose your R&D Tax Credit Consultants. Research and Development (R&D), Tax Credits can be a big help to businesses. The U.K. Government has granted returns to thousands of U.K. companies of up to PS600,000.977 in 2017-18. While some business owners are excited about the opportunity to receive free money, others may be put off by the tedious claim process.
Many companies can help businesses process R&D claims. However, it can be tempting for Managing Directors not to take the time necessary to find the right consultant for their business and rush to settle for the first one they see.
Businesses should research before deciding on a company that will help them process an R&D tax credit claim.

ZLX’s expertise, process, and results keep more companies coming back to us. We do more than just process claims, and we maximize them. We have listed below some reasons why ZLX is the right choice for you.
HMRC frequently conducts compliance checks on claims that could be random, inconsistent or made up of mistakes. This is where many claims go wrong. However, inconsistencies and mistakes can often be attributed to technical knowledge. It is very difficult to produce an HMRC-acceptable report without this technical knowledge. Businesses that want to file a claim need to choose qualified consultants who can help them understand and qualify the criteria, both from a tax and technical perspective.
Expertise & Experience
When choosing a company that will process your claim, experience and expertise are important factors. If you are unsure whether a company has the expertise to handle your claim, it is worth looking at their past case studies, success rates, and how many cases they have processed. Also, consider their knowledge and understanding of your industry. Different tax rules apply to different industries, and you must use the tax rules specific to your industry when you claim. The consultant must be able to quickly identify projects that are eligible for tax credits and communicate effectively what is being sought.
ZLX has many qualified accountants and consultants with many years of experience in various industries, including engineering, packaging, and electronics. Our team has the expertise to identify eligible projects and determine the cost of each project.

Tax Credits Consultants
Tax Credit

The Process There are certain procedures that we must follow before engaging with clients. It’s not as simple as choosing a company that will process your claim. If the process is not thorough, it’s a problem. We ensure that our procedures protect our clients and business. The law requires companies to give correct information to make a claim. However, their consultants must have a thorough understanding of the company they are working with. This can only be achieved through a comprehensive and disciplined process.

Six stages are required for the ZLX process. The final stage is when the project begins. ZLX will conduct a Companies House check before processing the claim. ZLX will also arrange the first meeting, review contracts and check credit information.

Support and communication

You must also consider how much support and communication your consultant will offer. Consultants who don’t spend time with clients or exclude them from the process can set off alarm bells. You are ultimately responsible for your claim, and therefore, you need to be familiar with what it includes. ZLX assigns clients a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee the entire process and communicate with them regularly.

Contact ZLX if you think you are a qualified R&D project participant and have conducted qualifying activities. ZLX offers seamless support and communication throughout the process. Clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee the entire process and provide feedback regularly. ZLX will ensure your business is in the best possible position to succeed.

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