You pay zero out of pocket. We split the savings with you.

We only get paid if can save you money. And We split the amount of money you have had saved, so you always come out ahead.

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How We Save You Money

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Our service experts review current contracts and service statements looking for opportunities to save you money.

$150+ Million Saved Through Expense Reduction

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Tax Incentives

Reduce your tax liability and increase near term cash flow by implementing programs and strategies at the state, local, and federal levels

$500+ Million Saved Through Tax Incentives

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Specialized Savings

Transform your Accounts Payable department into an additional revenue channel and improve efficiency & security of paying your vendors, with no additional cost

$200+ Million Saved through Specialized Savings 

Save Your Business Money Today.

Our Cost Savings Process

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1. Schedule

Our initial meeting is typically no more than 15 minutes. During this session, we will gather basic information about your company to determine which tax incentive and business expense reduction programs you may qualify for as well as potential specialized savings opportunities.


2. Identify

Our process is simple. We use our proprietary software analysis system to identify which individual programs will deliver the best savings opportunity for your business and walk through the savings range potential.
The best part: no risk, if you don’t see savings, we don’t ask for anything in return.

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3. Verify

Our team of business process experts, intellectual property attorneys, engineers, finance and tax specialists do a comprehensive assessment of your business data for expense reduction, tax incentive and specialized savings programs identified in the evaluation phase.


4. Implement

Once your tax incentive, business expense reduction and specialized savings opportunities are confirmed, our team of implementation experts will work directly with your service providers and tax agencies to secure your project and recurring savings gains.

They will continue to serve as an audit monitor ensuring that you no longer are assessed fees or charges that don’t apply to your business.

Save Your Business Money Today